Oppo Reno 2F Mobile Phone Full Review And Price

Oppo Reno 2F is an exciting, innovative, and advanced mobile phone from Oppo Electronics. This high-end and highly competitive mobile phone is launched as a part of the “New and Improved” series of Oppo phones and also as an open phone for international users. The Oppo Reno 2F has a number of impressive features. The Oppo Reno 2F comes with a number of unique features that make it stand out among other mobiles. These features include an innovative design, excellent performance, and superior sound quality. It is quite different from most mobile phones sold in the market as this mobile phone has a number of features that are exclusive to this handset. This makes it a popular handset in the international market.

Available In Two Variants

Good design is the main advantage of this mobile. The phone is available in two variants – the Basic and the Advanced model. The basic model is quite similar to the regular phones manufactured by Oppo Electronics. But, the Advanced model of the Oppo Reno has more innovative features. It includes several innovative features such as a virtual call waiting feature, ringtone, caller ID, text to speech, Bluetooth feature, high definition camera, digital camera, internet browser, MMS, and a host of others.

Innovative Features

Apart from all these innovative features, this phone is also equipped with a high-speed 3G network, which allows a person to surf the internet quickly. The phones are extremely compatible and user friendly. They have an all-new software, which enables easy browsing, music listening, emailing, messaging, and more. The phones are also capable of playing several songs at the same time. One of the biggest selling points of this handset is its exceptional performance.

Linux Operating System

The phone runs on the latest version of the Linux operating system and hence it is known as “Redmi-Fi”. Redmi-Fi has a number of unique features that allow the phone to run smoothly and effortlessly. These features include the feature called “Super Mode”. This allows you to increase the memory space of your phone by 100% without the need to replace the battery of the phone. The phone has a huge storage capacity. The phone has the facility of automatically deleting the unwanted files stored on your phone. This will greatly increase the storage capacity of your phone. And the other feature is the auto-rotation feature, which will help you to save the images in landscape and portrait mode. Read More

Exciting Applications

The Oppo Reno has a number of exciting applications as well. A number of different applications like the “Raksha Band”, “Binaural MMS”, “MySpace Music Player” and other music players are pre-installed in this amazing mobile phone. Other than this, the phone comes with a full-fledged web browser, which helps you surf the internet effectively. You can easily browse the net by using your handset and make internet calls by simply tapping on the touch screen.

Variety Of Exciting

The phone comes loaded with a variety of exciting games. These are available free of cost from the mobile store of the phone manufacturer. The music player is another unique feature of this amazing handset. It plays various types of music files from a number of audio and video formats, making them a perfect partner for a number of the popular MP3 players available in the market.

Impressive Things

One of the most impressive things about Oppo Reno phones is the fact that they are extremely cheap and affordable. If you compare the prices of a normal phone with these phones, you will find that these phones are cheaper than many of the mobile phones of the same type. This means you will be able to get a phone at an affordable price and get all the functions that you want. One of the most popular aspects of this phone is the fact that it has a number of features which are available for free, as long as you purchase an accessory. These accessories include additional memory cards, Bluetooth adapter, USB cable, headset, etc. Apart from this, the phone comes with a large amount of free music storage space and free talk time.

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